Breathable socks for staff - what to pay attention to?

Did you know that medical clothing is not only the most visible: aprons, dresses, T-shirts and trousers? It is worth taking care of the comfort of medical staff down to the smallest detail. Imagine how difficult it can be to do something as simple as a sock that keeps slipping off your leg and is made of a thick, non-breathable material. Do you want to choose breathable medical socks for your staff? What to pay attention to when purchasing? Read our guide!

What composition of socks for doctors will ensure comfort during long hours of work?

Are you trying to choose clothes made of natural, breathable materials? In case of medical socks you don't have to be afraid of artificial additives! Presence polyamide and elastane in the composition is highly recommended. Breathable socks they should be made primarily of cotton, but if they contained 100% of this material, wearing them would be simply uncomfortable. Such socks would slip off your feet, cause abrasions and blisters, and would take a long time to dry when wet.

What significance does it have polyamide and elastane for staff socks ? The task of polyamide is to strengthen cotton fibers. This makes medical socks more resistant to abrasion and accidental tearing. Elastane, in turn, makes the sock fit well on the leg and does not need to be pulled up. This is especially important for doctors and nurses who cannot afford for any piece of clothing to interfere with their work.

Long socks or socks – which is more comfortable for medical staff?

Medical socks their cut does not differ from those worn every day. They can be both long socks , when stretched, reaching up to the middle of the calf, as well as shorter, so-called footers .

It is impossible to say unequivocally what style of breathable socks? is better for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. It depends primarily on their personal preferences. The type of footwear worn at work is also important. In the case of light, short shoes worn in spring and summer, it is worth choosing comfortable feet. On the other hand, for people who wear high, closed shoes every day, long socks will work better - in the case of such shoes, the feet could roll up and slide off the leg.

Discover the cheerful colors and patterns of breathable medical socks

Unless the nature of your job requires wearing a suit, you can afford enough great freedom in choosing colors and patterns of breathable socks . The old rule that socks should be the same color as trousers or only one shade darker actually applies only to very elegant outfits.

Just like aprons, sweatshirts or medical pants They have long ceased to be boring and characterless, as well medical socks more and more often they surprise with unique designs. You can freely choose blue, pink or purple pants accessories in contrasting colors . However, if you prefer classic ones instead of bold combinations, look for patterns socks for doctors shades similar to the color of the trousers. Then your styling will still be original and cheerful, but you will attract less attention from those around you.

Vena Uniforma's offer includes socks for medical staff decorated with funny images of doctors, nurses and dentists. It is worth wearing them, especially when working with children. Using colorful socks, you can effectively entertain the youngest and distract them from painful procedures.

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