Nursing uniforms - which ones to choose?

These are no longer the times when medical clothing is treated neglectfully. Today, nursing uniforms should be distinguished by high quality materials and visual attractiveness . Which ones should you choose to ensure comfort, freedom of movement and nice appearance for yourself or your employees? We answer!

Uniforms for nurses and nurses

If you are wondering what material, cut or color of a nurse's uniform to choose, that's good. Each of these criteria is important both for well-being at work and the overall image of the medical facility . Medical staff who wear fashionable and professional uniforms create a modern and friendly place that inspires patients' trust . A few, or sometimes even a dozen or so, hours of daily work are enough reason to wear cool, comfortable and attractive clothes. But what does "nursing uniform" actually mean? You can create it according to your own criteria - e.g. combining a skirt and tunic or deciding on medical dresses .

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How to choose a nurse uniform?

Pay attention to the following features to choose a fashionable uniform that will make work simply more pleasant - without uncomfortable, quickly dirty, "gray and gloomy" uniforms.
Nursing uniforms must be comfortable
The comfort of wearing medical clothing is the basis, and it is determined primarily by the materials . They should be pleasant to the touch, airy and easy to care for - e.g. made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. Such clothing guarantees constant air flow and comfort throughout the work. The fact is that nursing uniforms must meet appropriate sanitary and hygienic requirements, which is why they are often made of special mixtures of natural and synthetic fabrics. It is also worth remembering to choose the right size - the uniform cannot be too tight or too loose .

A good uniform is a durable uniform

The materials affect the durability of the uniform, just like the comfort. Nursing uniforms are frequently washed and disinfected. At the same time, they must look clean and flawless at all times , so you need to pay attention to thicker fabrics, double seams and careful workmanship. Cotton is resistant to high washing temperatures, and polyester dries quickly and is easy to care for. Clothing with the addition of spandex (elastane) increases the fabric's resistance to stretching, which is why it is welcome in the composition of clothes.

A fashionable uniform is a color that matches the employee

Another issue that cannot be ignored is color. What color of a nurse's uniform should you choose to make it fashionable and pretty? Nowadays, there is a lot of choice on the medical clothing market - the uniform can be navy blue, pink, white, blue, mint, or even colorful with patterns - which works well, among others: in the work of pediatricians . Colorful medical clothing is well received by children. The sight of a friendly dressed doctor reduces the level of anxiety before the examination. It is important to be guided by your aesthetic taste - if, for example, a nurse does not like pink, but feels great in dark green or olive, there is nothing stopping you from wearing such nursing uniforms at work. By wearing what we like, we automatically increase our level of satisfaction, willingness to act and self-confidence.

Comfortable, durable and fashionable medical clothing

Vena medical clothing Uniforms are all the above-mentioned criteria combined into one. You can create a fashionable medical uniform thanks to the availability of various sweatshirts, aprons, pants, dresses, tunics and T-shirts, which we offer in various colors . We made them from high-quality materials, thanks to which selected clothes can be used for years - of course, while maintaining their aesthetic appearance, color saturation and durability. Our medical clothing offers solutions for both women and men. We also offer clothes for hairdressers and representatives of other medical and cosmetic professions. We recommend, among others: tied aprons in different colors.

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