The color of medical clothing and its meaning

Although there are no rules imposed on the choice of colors for medical clothing, it cannot be denied that the impact of a given color on a patient may have a psychological basis. What do certain colors symbolize?


White is a color associated with purity, hygiene and innocence, and it cannot be denied that it is deeply associated with the medical environment. White medical coat it is rather reserved for doctors. Other medical workers also wear this color on their uniforms.


A red medical coat , thanks to its energizing color, has the ability to focus attention and alert people. Emergency medical workers, but also ED staff, usually wear red medical clothing.

Blue and navy blue

Medical clothing in blue/navy blue it symbolizes peace and balance, but also in the case of darker shades, it emphasizes seriousness and rank. The navy blue medical coat perfectly suits the head of the department and the head of the department. You can see the color blue on the nurse's uniform. However, basically anyone who likes it can wear it.


Green is a color characteristic of medical staff and dental office workers. Green is the color of hope. It relaxes the eyes, has a calming and soothing effect. Perhaps that is why medical clothing in this color is eagerly worn by anesthesiologists and people working in operating rooms.

Other colors

However, the color of medical clothing is not limited to the colors described above. Pink medical dresses and colorful, multi-colored medical tunics with prints work well in pediatric wards, where they can make children laugh and dispel the image of a serious doctor in their eyes.

The color of medical clothing in the past

Though In Poland, there are currently no specific regulations imposing the subordination of apron colors to positions held and hospital hierarchy, in some facilities there is still an unwritten rule: position - color. This way, the doctor will wear a white coat, the nurses will choose blue, the operating doctors will choose medical green, and the paramedics will be advised to choose a navy blue suit. Red will be chosen for paramedics and yellow for administrative workers.

As you can see, the color of medical clothing used to be important in the hierarchy of hospital staff. Currently, colorful medical dresses and gowns dominate hospital corridors , and the choice of their color can influence patients - only positively, of course!

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