How to care for medical clothing - practical tips

Washing medical clothes

Good medical clothing is made of durable, breathable knitted fabrics. However, it is not "unbreakable"! If you do not follow basic maintenance rules, your medical clothes will deteriorate much faster and will not look as good as they did at the beginning.

However, washing medical clothing can and should be frequent. However, each of the materials from which medical kits are made has different maintenance requirements. To check, under what conditions business uniforms should be washed and what cannot be used to maintain them, always check the inside labels.

Do not use bleach to wash medical clothing. Don't mix colors - women's medical aprons and men's in white, feathers with white, and colorful trousers, dresses and women's medical sweatshirts and men's medical sweatshirts always wash with similar colors. For washing, use specialized washing agents that kill bacteria and viruses, even at lower temperatures. Thanks to this, you will avoid spoiling your clothes by washing at 90 degrees, with the same effectiveness in removing pathogens at 60 and even 40 degrees!

Ironing medical clothes

Another point worth paying attention to when delving into how to care for medical clothing is ironing it. The best way to prevent discoloration and "shining" of materials, e.g. on sleeves, is ironing slightly damp medical clothing, turned inside out, with an iron with plenty of steam. You can iron very delicate clothes with additional protection, e.g. by a damp cloth or cotton cloth.

Ironing medical clothing, just like washing it, should follow the instructions on the label. The iron should not be too hot. The ironing temperature is indicated by the number of dots on the iron symbol on the label . If the manufacturer suggests a ban on ironing medical clothing, the graphic symbol of an iron will be crossed out.

Storage of medical clothing

Another important aspect of the broadly understood care of medical clothing is its proper storage. Medical gowns are best stored in a dry place hung on an appropriate hanger . Medical shirts, trousers and shirts can be stored folded. It is best to have a separate shelf for work clothes and do not mix it with everyday clothes. If you leave your apron at work, remember to hang it in your locker or hang it on the back of a chair.

Now that you know how to care for medical clothing, remember that its quality is basically the most important factor for the durability of the materials, their resistance, maintaining their shape and the feeling of comfort when wearing them. Medical clothing Our offer includes professional uniforms for health care workers, beauty salons and physiotherapists. If you care about high-quality materials, modern design and many styles to choose from - be sure to check out our offer!

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