What does scrubs mean and what is it?

The choice of medical clothing has long ceased to be limited to white coats in standard styles. Are you looking for clothes for yourself or your staff that will provide them with comfort and maintain hygiene? Choose scrubs ! These are loose clothes that not only allow you to work comfortably, but also look great. What are scrubs and how to wear them ?

Scrubs: what does it mean?

You wonder what does scrubs mean ? The answer is simple: this foreign-sounding name covers popular elements of medical attire. Typical scrubs are: men's or women's medical blouses , wide trousers or a skirt, sometimes also a cap. Longer ones are also often combined women's medical aprons in the form of tunics with trousers.

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What do scrubs mean for medical workers?

Scrubs attract attention with their colors and fashionable patterns, but employees of medical facilities or other places where protective clothing is worn choose them for a different reason. Scrub sets are all about comfort : the clothes are wide and do not restrict movement, so they do not constitute an obstacle while working. The natural materials from which they are made are breathable and provide air circulation - this makes employees feel comfortable in the clothes even after many hours of work.

Who wears scrubs? Is this clothing only for doctors?

Scrubs are primarily associated with clothing for medical personnel . However, who wears scrubs is a more complex issue. Such loose, comfortable outfits are also eagerly worn by beauticians, physiotherapists and people working in SPAs. The term scrubs also includes disposable protective clothing issued to guests visiting patients or people accompanying women in maternity wards. Disposable scrubs usually consist of sweatshirts, pants, shoes and caps made of non-woven fabric.

Scrubs – no more boredom in medical clothing patterns

Does medical clothing always have to be white? For years, this color prevailed for hygiene reasons, but now it is no longer allowed. Whether or not clothing will be clean depends not on its color, but on whether it is regularly washed at high temperatures and disinfected.

Medical staff, beauticians and other people using protective clothing can afford a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the colors of their work clothes. Everyone who wears scrubs knows this: men's medical sweatshirts or trousers can have subdued shades of navy blue or gray, and women's medical sweatshirts often have eye-catching patterns printed on them.

Why is it worth choosing color when choosing clothing for yourself or your employees? In this way, you can take care of the image of the facility - staff dressed in colors consistent with the logo and other brand elements always evoke associations with professionalism. You can also look at it in another way - fashionable work clothes in a cheerful color are nothing more than a way to improve your well-being. Scrubs with colorful patterns are also often chosen by people who work with children. An outfit with a print helps distract children from the treatments being performed and reduce the stress associated with a visit to the office.

Comfortable, durable and fashionable medical clothing

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