Women's medical clothing for summer - which one to choose?

When hot weather causes rapid jumps in mercury columns on window thermometers, people working actively in hospitals, beauty salons and rehabilitation facilities are exposed to really difficult working conditions. Not every place has air conditioning, and activity on a hot day can be very uncomfortable. This is why women's summer medical clothing should fulfill specific functions - what? You can read about it in our article!

Women's medical clothing for summer – which one to choose?

You don't know what summer medical clothing will be best for you? When choosing, you need to pay attention to several important factors. In addition to the specific type of material from which the uniform will be made, its color and cut will also be important for comfort during the day. The quality of the materials used to sew uniforms and the precision of finishing are also important.

What material will work well in the summer?

Women's medical clothing for summer should be light, pleasant to the skin and breathable . The medical clothing you plan to wear in the hospital or beauty salon in the summer should ensure maximum air circulation. High-quality cotton with a low grammage, combined with an optional admixture of elastane it allows the skin to breathe, does not irritate it and at the same time is resistant to intensive use. Avoid synthetic knitwear, which may cause disturbances in temperature perception. If you want to ensure thermal comfort during the day - choose natural, breathable materials!

Appropriate cut

A medical shirt and long-sleeved apron are not a good solution for performing official duties in spring and summer. What medical clothing so women's for summer will be the best? A good idea for a summer work uniform would be, for example, medical dresses with short sleeves, or sets such as medical T-shirts with short sleeves + medical skirts . Optionally, you can also wear a light and short medical gown. Airy material combined with a comfortable, typical summer cut is a perfect recipe for spending your shift in maximum comfort.

Well-thought-out color

Light clothes are better for summer. Instead of an elegant navy blue suit, choose a white or pastel pink medical dress. Light colors are not only associated with the maximum cleanliness desired in this workplace, but also have the advantage of reflecting sunlight. However, you may observe the opposite effect on dark medical clothing. Black, navy blue and other dark colors concentrate heat, which may intensify the feeling of high temperature.

What to wear in the hospital in summer?

Unfortunately, most Polish hospitals are not equipped with air conditioning. Large windows in rooms and corridors that do not open may increase the feeling of stuffiness and heat. Women's medical coats long sleeves, which were worn in winter and autumn, it is worth replacing them with a lighter version with short, comfortable sleeves . For women working as health care personnel, summer medical dresses with a larger, but still comfortable neckline, short sleeves and optimal length will also work well.

What to wear to a beauty salon in summer?

Just like in hospitals and other medical facilities, beauty salon staff also have many attractive summer uniforms to choose from. Aesthetic and fashionable  cosmetic dresses they provide all employees with a consistent, representative appearance while maintaining high comfort of work in summer - at high temperatures. A wide selection of different cuts of our short-sleeved uniforms, made of breathable, light and comfortable materials, means that everyone will certainly find something for themselves.

As you can see, women's medical clothing for summer consists primarily of thinner, more breathable materials, bright colors and characteristic cuts. Each solution must be comfortable - it must not restrict movement, rub or cause discomfort. Choosing good quality medical sets for the summer is one of the best ways to guarantee thermal comfort and convenience during a busy day!

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